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Tavira is a beautifully elegant town and almost surreal in aspects. Visitors can be forgiven for forgetting where they are, or even what year it is, as they step into this unique Algarve fishing town. Between the 8th and 13th centuries Tavira was under Arab rule until its conquest by the Knights of the Order of Santiago in 1242. It was elevated to a city in 1520 by King Manuel1 and was the main trading port in the Algarve during the 16th to 18th centuries. Like most of the Algarve its buildings were virtually all destroyed by the earthquake of 1755. This earthquake is thought to have reached a magnitude of 9 on the Richter scale and caused extensive damage throughout the Algarve due to shockwaves and tsunamis.. The earthquake is referred to as the Lisbon Earthquake due to its terrible effects on the capital city, although the epicentre was some 200 km west-southwest of Cape St. Vincent in the Algarve.
The city has since been rebuilt with many fine 18th-century buildings along with its 37 churches. A 'Roman' (actually Moorish) bridge links the two parts of the town across the River Gilao. The church of Santa Maria do Castelo, built on the site of a Moorish mosque, holds the tombs of Dom Paio Peres Correia and his knights. The church dates from the 13th century and the clock tower has been remodeled from the original Muslim minaret. Its original economic reliance on the fishing industry has now passed due to changed migration patterns of Tuna and further silting up of the river Gilao. The population is in the region of 25,000 inhabitants(municipality of Tavira) supporting a military base whilst the surrounding area is still fairly rural and undeveloped. This is now changing due to the demands of the tourist industry and opening of golf courses in the near vicinity. The beach for this town lies past the salt pans and is reached by a ferryboat that takes the visitor to the sand-bar island known as Ilha de Tavira, part of the Ria Formosa.




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The coastal towns of the eastern Algarve are ‘real’ towns, far more under-developed than those in the Central and Western area of the Algarve
Why is it so undeveloped? The reason for this is probably because the towns along the coast are not generally right on the sea. They are separated from the Atlantic by salt-pans, marshland and lagoons. These form part of the Ria Formosa Natural Reserve which stretches from just south of Faro along the coast to the town of Vila Nova de Cacela, a few kilometres west of the Rio Guadiana river on the Spanish border.

"We have stayed here twice, in two different apartments,, both very nice,,, the first one had only a tiny balcony, but the pools are just seconds away, and as there are two, they arent really ever madly overcrowded,,, our second apartment had a beautiful , huge balcony,,, loved it,, a short walk around the corner is a huge shopping centre, with everything you could want".,


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Tavira Garden is an exclusive Residential and Holiday complex near Tavira in the Eastern Algarve of Portugal.

The beautiful architecture is Moorish, and almost every apartment is unique in its layout.

We have many facilities for the enjoyment of residents and guests, such as two swimming pools, tennis and sports area, a gymnasium, a childrens play area and a barbecue area.

We also have a restaurant and a bar. If you prefer to sit outside, you get a lovely view of the pool.

It is only a short walk to get into the centre of the beautiful town Tavira, where you can enjoy a unique land of culture and historical buildings.

Many superb beaches are not far away, and if you enjoy golf, there are top quality choices nearby.

The nearest airport is in Faro, just 30 kilometers from Tavira, with many flight connections.